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‘Fire Hall Cooking with Jeff the Chef' and ‘Where There's Food, There's Firefighters' and are available through bookstores and online retailers worldwide.

But why not buy from the source? The good folks over at Touchwood Editions were the ones bold enough to take a chance on my questionable writing talent and published my books, so let's give them first dibs at the sale. They're the warehouse so we know they'll have stock.

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In Canada
You can order through Amazon.ca
In the United States 
You can buy through www.amazon.com.
Click here to buy ‘Where There's Food, There's Firefighters' Click here to buy ‘Where There's Food, There's Firefighters'
Click here to buy ‘Fire Hall Cooking with Jeff the Chef.' Click here to buy ‘Fire Hall Cooking with Jeff the Chef'

International Purchases

There are a gaggle of web stores and bookstores where you can purchase my books. They are available on Amazon U.K. Amazon France , and Amazon Germany . Feel free to check your favourite online bookstores, and if you find that my books aren't listed, simply ask if they can order them in for you.

Group Purchases and Fundraisers

Maybe you're thinking, ‘you know Jeff, my fire department (or organization) is looking to do a fundraiser, much like the one your firefighter's union is doing. These books of yours just might fill the bill.'

If you buy in bulk (it takes as few as 5 to qualify) you'll get a wholesale price on the books, which you can sell at retail and put the coinage towards your own good cause. Heritage Group Distribution even has a generous return policy in the unlikely event that all the books don't sell. For more info, give Karen Berreth a call at 1-800-665-3302 or send her an e-mail at orders@hgdistribution.com

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